Behind the Bump: Edition 5

Well, here I am at 30 weeks.  The final trimester.  It is a bittersweet thing, I am very excited about meeting our baby boy in less than 10 weeks (or more depending on when he decides to come) but at the same time it seems like this pregnancy has flown by.  I have been doing a lot of research and trying to prepare myself for birth.

One book that I have been enjoying is Husband-Coached Childbirth by Robert A. Bradley.  It is a method of natural childbirth that has your husband involved.  It focuses on relaxation and changing positions to help with the birthing process. It also talks about having your partner be right there by your side to help make you feel relaxed and encouraged. It is a good read for daddy’s-to-be because it is written by a man for men. Dr. Bradley compares human birth to animal birth and the fact that most animals give birth much easier naturally without interventions than most human women do with several medications and interventions.

Now I realize many women have used drugs, and I don’t want to judge them because it is a personal decision, but I have decided that drugs are not for me.  I have decided to do natural child birth for many reason.  The first is that it is the healthiest choice for me and by baby.  You can’t deny with all the research out there that natural is best.  The second reason I want to do it naturally is because drugs don’t always work for me, and I want to be alert during Samuel’s birth.  Often when I take drugs, I end up in more pain because my mind is too sluggish to know what to do to best manage my pain (eg. change position or try walking).

I want you to know that this is my wish, and I understand that things can change or happen during birth that require the use of drugs or interventions, and I am fine with that.  I want to do whatever is best to keep me and Samuel safe and healthy.

I have met with a friend who is doing Douala work. She has given birth to three children in three different ways, and she is such an encouragement to me.  She has given me information on exercises that I can do that will help prepare my body, and we are suppose to meet again soon to go over different positions to try to be the most comfortable during natural birth.

I think it is important to have friends and family that will encourage you as you prepare for birth.  Try not to read or listen to too many things or people that will cause you to be afraid or dread birth as some kind of punishment at the end of pregnancy.  Because it is possible to do birth naturally and with little interventions (if you have a normal pregnancy).  I was feeling a little anxious the other day about birth, and I realized I was listening too much to the negative voices of how horrible birth can be.  But God and Brandon reminded me that I was created to do this, that God made my body to be able to give birth and that it doesn’t have to be a terrible and traumatic experience.  Yes, it will be painful and hard, but many things in life are that way, and we can learn from them and the end result in birth is that I will get to see and touch and hear Samuel. Any amount of pain or hard work is worth that.

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Behind the Bump: Edition 4, How to make a nursery in a small space

I must say I am so happy to have so much support from family, friends and followers through this pregnancy.

This past weekend my mom and grandmother came up to help me make a space for Baby Samuel in our one bedroom apartment. I am also fortunate that my grandmother loaned me several pieces of furniture to make our two-in-on nursery and bedroom possible.

Just so you know, babies do not need that much space.  Yes, it would be nice to have a separate nursery for Samuel that I could decorate with a fun theme (maybe some day), but honestly you really only need a few main things.

1. Somewhere for baby to sleep


My mom was able to find me a collapsible co-sleeper on one of the Facebook swaps for under $40.  It is level with the bed, which will make it easy for late nights feedings.  It can also convert into a playpen, so it is really a two-in-one item.

2. Somewhere for baby’s stuff


Now this is where you really have to get creative depending on your space. Thankfully Brandon and I have a large bedroom, so we were able to make a space for baby and for us.  My grandmother gave us two large bookcases that I turned sideways against the wall.  My mom then purchased some of those cube organization bins to hide what is on the shelves (tip: order them in bulk on amazon, you can get them for as cheap as $2-$3 each).  My grandmother gave me a small narrow dresser with has 5-drawers for easy organization. Another nifty trick that my mom found on Pinterest is that if you have a tall shelf or you take out a shelf, you can buy one of those small spring loaded rods and then you have a makeshift hanging clothes rack.  P.S. You can get a pack of 6 baby hangers at the Dollar Tree for a $1.



3. Somewhere to change baby


I purchased a changing table, not that you necessarily need a changing table, but if you get one with shelves, it gives you even more added storage. I purchased my on a Facebook swap for $15.  You should definitely check out garage sales and online swap sites for baby items because you can normally find everything you need, and it is much cheaper than buying new. Another options would be to just get a nice changing pad with a strap that you could place on a dresser or even on your sofa when needed.

4. Somewhere to feed baby

Now for this you may be able to just use something that you already have.  My grandmother had a glider that she gave me.  But you could easily use a small recliner or a rocking chair or just your favorite spot on the sofa.

*Bonus Item* 5. Somewhere for baby to relax

I also received a swing from a friend who was no longer using it.  Again, check garage sales and swap sites for these items because most people will sell them cheap just so they don’t have to store them.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other great tips for small space organization.

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Behind The Bump; Edition 3

I know it has been a long time since I made a post, but with the holidays, working full time, and being pregnant I have not had time or energy to write something worth while. That being said it is good to be back!

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and very soon approaching my final trimester of pregnancy. I will say that I know why they call the second trimester the honeymoon trimester because, at least for me, that is exactly what it has been.

The second trimester has been an exciting one for me and my husband.  For me, I have actually enjoyed my new rounding belly and actually looking pregnant and not just overweight.

At the end of November, I had my 20 week ultrasound and we found out that we are going to have a little boy!  Brandon and I had already choose a name if baby was a boy or girl, so we had decided on Samuel (middle name to come after birth).  It has been so wonderful being able to call our baby by name, and it makes him so much more real.

itsaboyThe other exciting thing that happened is that I was finally able to feel baby.  Brandon and I were sitting on the sofa watching a movie, Brandon’s knee was just slightly laying on my stomach and all of a sudden I felt Samuel push outward.  It was the coolest feeling, and I wasn’t sure if it was real at first but then he did it one more time. Unfortunately, It took a little longer for Brandon to feel Samuel, the doctor told us that my placenta is on the front of my stomach which can make the movements mulled.  But thankfully the day after Christmas, I was feeling Samuel move a lot and told Brandon to feel and he was finally able to feel the little kicks!

Emotions have been a lot better in this trimester as well.  I am so excited to meet Samuel and see his face and snuggle him.  Mostly the only time I get emotional is just thinking about Samuel and who he will be and what he will look like.

The only thing I have really had for symptoms has been a congested nose, which could also be part to the weather.  I have also experienced some aches and pains, just from my changing body shape.  I did have a little bit of heartburn early in the second trimester, but that only lasted about 2 weeks and I haven’t really experienced it since.


Another fun thing that I have recently noticed is that Samuel responds to loud noises and tapping/touching my stomach.  When we were at church and the pastor would get loud, I felt him jump and also at a movie theater the other day, I noticed him move when there was a loud sound.  Last night, if Brandon would tap on my stomach Samuel would respond with a kick, it was so cool.

Please leave me a comment with what was your favorite part about pregnancy in the second trimester.  I am so excited to share this special time in my life with you.

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Behind The Bump; Edition 2

I have made it to my second trimester and the half way point in my pregnancy, so I would like to share with you some things I learned and tips for the first trimester.

I must say that as far as first trimester pregnancies go, I was very fortunate.  The most severe symptoms I had were nausea, fatigue, and some mild cramping.  I was very happy that I did not throw up once, as that was the one symptom I was least looking forward to. I also did not have a lot in the way of hormonal problems. There was only the occasional time where I would be watching TV and a commercial with children came on, and I would get a little misty eyed.

The top two things that I learned are that water and sleep are your two best friends.  I always felt better on the days where I had plenty of both.  I know that when you feel nauseous water can be hard to keep down, but sipping it throughout the day helps. I got as much sleep as I could at night.  I really wish I would have been able to nap, but I work a full time job, so that wasn’t going to happen.  But I did often get at least 9 hours of sleep a night, and it helped me feel better the next day.

Tips for nausea

(please keep in mind that these are things that worked for me and may not work for you as each pregnancy is different).

  • Eat small and often.  I found that eating small meals several times a day really helped me to not feel as nauseous.  Normally about every two hours seemed to work for me.
  • Cold food/water.  For some reason, really cold things made me feel better when I felt nauseous.  One thing I did was to freeze those little cups of applesauce.  It was cold like ice cream, but a lot healthier.
  • Try to be healthy, but eat what you can keep down.  I know that it is very important to be healthy especially when you are pregnant, but in those first few weeks when the thought of food makes you sick, eat whatever taste best to you.  I have always had a sweet tooth, but for some reason in my first trimester I couldn’t eat anything sweet except some fruit.  I ate a lot of salty food because that is what didn’t make me want to throw up. Nuts are one thing that is healthy and pretty bland that I enjoyed. Also plain saltine crackers.
  • Be willing to try different things.  My sense of taste changed a lot during the first trimester.  If you suddenly can’t stomach a food that you were eating all week (for me it was carrots) don’t.  Try different things until you find what is best for you.

Tips for fatigue

  • Get enough sleep.  There isn’t a lot you can do other than make sure you give yourself enough hours of sleep.  Go to bed earlier if it takes you a while to get comfortable.
  • Napping.  I only got to do this a couple times, but it sure did help.  If you have a schedule that allows for it, don’t feel guilty, just sleep.
  • Pregnancy Pillow.  I got mine very early in my pregnancy.  It has helped me so much with sleeping through the night.  They say it is best to sleep on your side and since I am a tummy sleeper, this helped me to change my position.  I ordered one on Amazon and it is worth every penny. I like that mine has two sides, so it is easy to change sides throughout the night and the other side supports my back as well.
  • Turn off your mind.  This was and can still be very hard for me.  I never knew there would be so many things to worry and to think about the future of this little person, that I didn’t even know yet.  I would say the best thing to do is pray, ask God to help you not to worry and to trust him for all the things to come.

Tips for cramping

  • Drink water.  Be sure to stay hydrated, this will help your muscles not to cramp as much.
  • Stretch. I will admit that I have not done well with this one, but it really can help.  Just be sure your movements are slow and controlled and don’t overdo it.
  • Severe cramping.  If you have cramps that are worse than normal menstrual cramps and or you have bleeding be sure to see your doctor.

I hope that some of these tips work for you.  If you have any more advice please leave it in the comments.  I will try to post more now that I am past the first trimester.

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Behind the Bump: Edition 1

I have decided to start a new series that will follow my pregnancy.  It will include things I am learning, feeling, and my progress.


As you already know from my B’s the word post, I am expecting a baby in April.  Brandon and I were not trying to conceive quiet yet, but it only happened a few months earlier than we were expecting.  Brandon and I are very happy and to be honest there are still days when it does not seem real.

I want to start off with how I took the news of being pregnant.  The day that I took the test I was shocked and didn’t totally believe it, but at the same time I was really happy.  As the weeks progressed, I was still happy, but nervous that it wasn’t real. I took several pregnancy tests just to be sure and for some reason I had it in my mind that it wasn’t going to happen.  That for some reason the tests were wrong or that I was going to miscarry.  I started feeling very nauseous on a daily basis, and I struggled with being joyful about being pregnant at all.  I will admit I complained to Brandon and others quite often that I was tired of feeling sick, and I just wanted to be myself again.  Finally about 3-4 weeks ago, Brandon took me aside and said he understood that I was sick, but that I really needed to find the joy in the fact that I was pregnant.  At first, I got very upset with him and told him that he didn’t understand what I was going through, but after his words sunk in and with some words from the Holy Spirit I realized that he was right. This pregnancy was a gift that many women are denied, and I was complaining about not feeling myself.

God uses so many different things in our lives to teach us new things and to have us turn toward him in obedience.  I have been praying about this issue and have had such a better attitude about this amazing and scary journey known as pregnancy.  I still have days when I struggle, but I keep reminding myself that everyday that this life is growing inside me is a gift from God and that I get the privilege to carry and give birth to him or her.

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One Year Anniversary

I just realized today that I have been a blogger for a whole year!  So, much has changed and I have enjoy recording my life as the Mrs. on Main.  When I started this blog, I was a newly wed with not much else to do but blog and clean.  I have now been married for almost a year and a half, I am expecting my first child, and my husband will be graduating in December.  This next year is going to be filled with so much change and yet I am excited to see where God will lead our family.

I know I don’t post as often as I used too, but so much is happening.  And to be honest, being pregnant has made me very forgetful and tired all the time.  But I am starting to get back some energy, so I am going to try to post more regularly again.

I have decided that this anniversary deserves a contest and prize!

So, here are the rules:

  1. Follow my blog,
  2. Like the post on Facebook or Twitter
  3. and share this post

I will draw a random name on November 7 and post the winner on my Facebook page!


Happy Sharing!  May the odds be ever in your favor.

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B’s The Word

First off, Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  A lot has been happening, so I haven’t had a chance to write.  Please continue reading below to find out what has been occupying my time.

The Test

So, my period was about 4 days late, and I didn’t want to think anything was up, but I just felt a little different. Brandon told me to take a pregnancy test and sure enough two pink lines appeared.  I was in shock, I just didn’t believe that it was true, so I proceeded to take 3 more tests, all positive.


I have had very minimal symptoms.  Mostly just some mild cramping and my breasts are sore.  I have had a few days where I feel queasy, but nothing bad.  It is so strange to me that in 9 months I will give birth and have a child. I always thought that as soon as I became pregnant I would just have this feeling of being pregnant, but besides the minimal symptoms, I don’t feel that different.

Brandon and I were not planning to start trying until September, but we are both very happy and actually feel like this is perfect timing even though there is going to be a lot of change in the next year. Brandon will graduate in December and hopefully  find a job shortly after and then we would like to purchase a house.  But I just feel like since we were not actually trying to conceive that God has a plan for us and this child.

The Ultrasound

I decided that I wanted my first ultrasound to be at the Pregnancy center that I used to work for, so we had an appointment on the 23rd of August and got to see our little bean of a baby and a strong little heartbeat flashing on the screen. I had seen so many babies on that screen, when I would assist in the ultrasound room, but to know that this was my baby was a surreal feeling. I will also never forget the look on Brandon’s face as he saw the little figure and the heart beat flashing on the screen.


We found out from the ultrasound that the baby was 6 weeks and 1 day old and will be due on April 17, 2017.  Brandon found out that that is the day after Easter, so he is hoping that we will have an Easter baby.

Brandon and I have started to call the baby “Baby B” since we don’t know yet if it is a boy or girl, and I don’t want to call the baby “it”.

Telling the Family

The very first person that I told was my sister Beth.  I happened to get to ride up to help her move into college so it was a perfect time when we were alone.  She was planning to make a gallery wall in her dorm, so I made her a small sign that read Aunt Bethy.  I handed it to her, and it took her a few minutes to realize what it was, but then all she said was “oh Sara” and started bawling with happiness.

The second person we told was Brandon’s sister Autumn.  I told her I had something for her in my car and in the church parking lot I handed her a sign that read Auntie Autumn.  She also started bawling and hugged me and Brandon and said how happy she was.

This year was my parents 30th wedding anniversary and it just so happened that we found out about the pregnancy the week before.  So, to tell my parents I got them an anniversary card that read congratulations on 30 years of marriage and that you are going to to be grandparents.  I had my dad read the card out loud and as soon as he read the line grandparents he started to cry and gave me the best and longest hug I have ever received from him.  My mom was just in shock she didn’t say a whole lot except that she was happy.  She has since become one of the most excited people and buys anything and everything for the baby she can find.

For Brandon’s parents we decided to get them a little onesie with a sport team on it.  I wanted to get a Chicago Cubs one, but I decided on a NIU college football one instead.  We went out to visit them at their campground and gave it to them in a bag.  Brandon’s mom had the best reaction as soon as she figured out what it was she squealed and ran up and hugged me.  Brandon’s dad was also very excited and hugged us both.

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