Behind the Bump: Edition 5

Well, here I am at 30 weeks.  The final trimester.  It is a bittersweet thing, I am very excited about meeting our baby boy in less than 10 weeks (or more depending on when he decides to come) but at the same time it seems like this pregnancy has flown by.  I have been doing a lot of research and trying to prepare myself for birth.

One book that I have been enjoying is Husband-Coached Childbirth by Robert A. Bradley.  It is a method of natural childbirth that has your husband involved.  It focuses on relaxation and changing positions to help with the birthing process. It also talks about having your partner be right there by your side to help make you feel relaxed and encouraged. It is a good read for daddy’s-to-be because it is written by a man for men. Dr. Bradley compares human birth to animal birth and the fact that most animals give birth much easier naturally without interventions than most human women do with several medications and interventions.

Now I realize many women have used drugs, and I don’t want to judge them because it is a personal decision, but I have decided that drugs are not for me.  I have decided to do natural child birth for many reason.  The first is that it is the healthiest choice for me and by baby.  You can’t deny with all the research out there that natural is best.  The second reason I want to do it naturally is because drugs don’t always work for me, and I want to be alert during Samuel’s birth.  Often when I take drugs, I end up in more pain because my mind is too sluggish to know what to do to best manage my pain (eg. change position or try walking).

I want you to know that this is my wish, and I understand that things can change or happen during birth that require the use of drugs or interventions, and I am fine with that.  I want to do whatever is best to keep me and Samuel safe and healthy.

I have met with a friend who is doing Douala work. She has given birth to three children in three different ways, and she is such an encouragement to me.  She has given me information on exercises that I can do that will help prepare my body, and we are suppose to meet again soon to go over different positions to try to be the most comfortable during natural birth.

I think it is important to have friends and family that will encourage you as you prepare for birth.  Try not to read or listen to too many things or people that will cause you to be afraid or dread birth as some kind of punishment at the end of pregnancy.  Because it is possible to do birth naturally and with little interventions (if you have a normal pregnancy).  I was feeling a little anxious the other day about birth, and I realized I was listening too much to the negative voices of how horrible birth can be.  But God and Brandon reminded me that I was created to do this, that God made my body to be able to give birth and that it doesn’t have to be a terrible and traumatic experience.  Yes, it will be painful and hard, but many things in life are that way, and we can learn from them and the end result in birth is that I will get to see and touch and hear Samuel. Any amount of pain or hard work is worth that.

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