Behind the Bump: Edition 4, How to make a nursery in a small space

I must say I am so happy to have so much support from family, friends and followers through this pregnancy.

This past weekend my mom and grandmother came up to help me make a space for Baby Samuel in our one bedroom apartment. I am also fortunate that my grandmother loaned me several pieces of furniture to make our two-in-on nursery and bedroom possible.

Just so you know, babies do not need that much space.  Yes, it would be nice to have a separate nursery for Samuel that I could decorate with a fun theme (maybe some day), but honestly you really only need a few main things.

1. Somewhere for baby to sleep


My mom was able to find me a collapsible co-sleeper on one of the Facebook swaps for under $40.  It is level with the bed, which will make it easy for late nights feedings.  It can also convert into a playpen, so it is really a two-in-one item.

2. Somewhere for baby’s stuff


Now this is where you really have to get creative depending on your space. Thankfully Brandon and I have a large bedroom, so we were able to make a space for baby and for us.  My grandmother gave us two large bookcases that I turned sideways against the wall.  My mom then purchased some of those cube organization bins to hide what is on the shelves (tip: order them in bulk on amazon, you can get them for as cheap as $2-$3 each).  My grandmother gave me a small narrow dresser with has 5-drawers for easy organization. Another nifty trick that my mom found on Pinterest is that if you have a tall shelf or you take out a shelf, you can buy one of those small spring loaded rods and then you have a makeshift hanging clothes rack.  P.S. You can get a pack of 6 baby hangers at the Dollar Tree for a $1.



3. Somewhere to change baby


I purchased a changing table, not that you necessarily need a changing table, but if you get one with shelves, it gives you even more added storage. I purchased my on a Facebook swap for $15.  You should definitely check out garage sales and online swap sites for baby items because you can normally find everything you need, and it is much cheaper than buying new. Another options would be to just get a nice changing pad with a strap that you could place on a dresser or even on your sofa when needed.

4. Somewhere to feed baby

Now for this you may be able to just use something that you already have.  My grandmother had a glider that she gave me.  But you could easily use a small recliner or a rocking chair or just your favorite spot on the sofa.

*Bonus Item* 5. Somewhere for baby to relax

I also received a swing from a friend who was no longer using it.  Again, check garage sales and swap sites for these items because most people will sell them cheap just so they don’t have to store them.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other great tips for small space organization.

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