Behind The Bump; Edition 3

I know it has been a long time since I made a post, but with the holidays, working full time, and being pregnant I have not had time or energy to write something worth while. That being said it is good to be back!

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and very soon approaching my final trimester of pregnancy. I will say that I know why they call the second trimester the honeymoon trimester because, at least for me, that is exactly what it has been.

The second trimester has been an exciting one for me and my husband.  For me, I have actually enjoyed my new rounding belly and actually looking pregnant and not just overweight.

At the end of November, I had my 20 week ultrasound and we found out that we are going to have a little boy!  Brandon and I had already choose a name if baby was a boy or girl, so we had decided on Samuel (middle name to come after birth).  It has been so wonderful being able to call our baby by name, and it makes him so much more real.

itsaboyThe other exciting thing that happened is that I was finally able to feel baby.  Brandon and I were sitting on the sofa watching a movie, Brandon’s knee was just slightly laying on my stomach and all of a sudden I felt Samuel push outward.  It was the coolest feeling, and I wasn’t sure if it was real at first but then he did it one more time. Unfortunately, It took a little longer for Brandon to feel Samuel, the doctor told us that my placenta is on the front of my stomach which can make the movements mulled.  But thankfully the day after Christmas, I was feeling Samuel move a lot and told Brandon to feel and he was finally able to feel the little kicks!

Emotions have been a lot better in this trimester as well.  I am so excited to meet Samuel and see his face and snuggle him.  Mostly the only time I get emotional is just thinking about Samuel and who he will be and what he will look like.

The only thing I have really had for symptoms has been a congested nose, which could also be part to the weather.  I have also experienced some aches and pains, just from my changing body shape.  I did have a little bit of heartburn early in the second trimester, but that only lasted about 2 weeks and I haven’t really experienced it since.


Another fun thing that I have recently noticed is that Samuel responds to loud noises and tapping/touching my stomach.  When we were at church and the pastor would get loud, I felt him jump and also at a movie theater the other day, I noticed him move when there was a loud sound.  Last night, if Brandon would tap on my stomach Samuel would respond with a kick, it was so cool.

Please leave me a comment with what was your favorite part about pregnancy in the second trimester.  I am so excited to share this special time in my life with you.

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2 thoughts on “Behind The Bump; Edition 3

  1. Like you I enjoyed seeing/feeling the movement. It was also nice to be out of the awkward stage of looking like I could have just gained a few pounds or wait…maybe she is pregnant. Haha.


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