Labor Day at Brookfield Zoo

This past Monday was Labor day and my husband and I both had the day off of work.  We were both trying to figure out what we wanted to do, and my husband came up with the great idea of visiting the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago.  I was very excited about this idea because I have only been there once when I was 5, and I don’t really have any memory of what it was like.


It was about 80 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze.  We got to the zoo about 11 and started our fun day of touring the animals.  I will just say that it is a very large zoo.  It took a lot of time simply to walk from habitat to habitat.  But it was definitely worth all the walking.


I think the thing that I enjoyed most about the zoo was how they had each section set up like a different part of the world and the animals that would be living there were all next to each other and even the entrances to the habitats were decorated appropriate to animals inside.  I thought the entrances were almost as fun as the actual habitats.

I saw a few animals that I have never seen before, the first one was some hippos.  They were very cute, but unfortunately not very active when we were viewing them.  Also, got to see a polar bear.  The cool thing about the polar bears habitat was that there was an underwater viewing area. Right as Brandon and I walked down there to look the polar bear dived into the water and swam around and up against the glass.  It was really cool.  Many of the habitats had underwater viewing areas, and they were very cool for getting to see many of the animals in action.

Brandon and I enjoyed lunch at the zoo also.  It was cool because the different sections had restaurants to match the animals in that area.  We went to a restaurant in the bear area were it was a lot of american animals like grizzlies, eagles and bison. Brandon and I both enjoyed a bison burger made with real bison meat.  It was very good and reminded me a lot of venison.

There were quite a few extra attractions at the zoo.  We decided to pay a little extra and see the dolphin show.  It was definitely worth the extra money.  It was so cool to see the dolphins spin and jump and do tricks, and Brandon really enjoyed it because he had never seen dolphins up close.


We ended our day with a picture in front of the main sign and a little shopping.  I managed to spot a clearance tent and found a souvenir t-shirt for $10.  Brandon found a cool mug with a reflective tiger on it.


We were both very tired after all the walking, but it was a very enjoyable trip and a great way to spend a labor day relaxing together.

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P.S. All photo credit goes to my husband, Brandon 🙂  He got some really fun shots I think.  Click on any of them to view larger.



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