New Bathroom Decor

I have found that I really enjoy decorating.  I have decided to change the decor of our bathroom.  It’s not that the bathroom was bad, but I really didn’t decorate it.  I mostly just brought things that I used to have at my bathroom when I lived at home.

I decided that since Brandon is such a huge Chicago cubs fan that I would dedicate one room to his favorite team.  Since, we don’t have a basement or an office that could be designated for baseball, the bathroom will have to suffice.

I got everything for under $40.  The clock was just a plain red clock from Walmart and I took it apart and glued a cubs logo to the face.  The photo of Wrigley is one that I printed, and I already had the white frame.

I found the shower curtain on amazon for $20.  It’s not the highest quality, but it works well with a plain white liner from Walmart.

The soap dispenser, tooth brush holder, and the jewelry holder I found at dollar tree for $1 each.  I happened upon them by chance,  they are well made and for a buck I couldn’t pass them up.

As in most cases, I got a few things from my mother.  She got the white shelves at a garage sale a for a few dollars.  The little glove and ball also came from her and the antique child bat.

The picture frame was from Walmart for $1 and the  picture was from the last time Brandon and I went to a Cubs game together in May. The little grey sign was from Gordman’s for $2.

The glass baseball holder was an idea I saw on Pinterest. All of the supplies are from Dollar Tree; glass vase, white sand, and a bag of artificial grass.  The baseball was from the first game Brandon and I attended together, I got him the tickets as a birthday surprise.

The last thing I almost forgot about was the rug under the toilet, I got it from JCPenney on sale and then a $10 off coupon.  I think it was like $8.

I hope you enjoyed my little room tour.  I really enjoyed putting it together.

Comment below or email me with any questions.

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