Photography with Friends

So, two weeks ago I had my sister and my best friend from childhood over to just hang out before they both go back to school.  My best friend’s name is Emma.  We have been best friends since we were 4 & 5.  She was also the friend that lived the closest to me, which meant we were at each other’s houses constantly.  I had been missing her a lot because I now live about an hour or so away from her and she has been busy with school, so I hadn’t seen her in like 9 months. So it was great to reconnect.

About a month ago, I got an old DSLR camera from my mom, and I had been wanting to try it out.  The megapixels aren’t that high because it is an older model, but in manual, it takes pretty nice pictures.  So, I decided that while my sister and Emma were visiting, it would be fun to take some pictures together.

We really enjoyed taking the photos, and it ended up being cloudy that day, so it was perfect for lighting. (click on any of the pictures to view them larger)

This is not all of them, I took over 70 pictures, so there just wasn’t room.  I edited all of the photos with Windows 10 new photo editing system that is build into the photo viewer.  I really like it.  The “enhance” button is mostly what I used, and it does a fairly decent job for basic lighting touch up. I also used the filters to turn the photos to black and white and to dark the darkened edges.

After this photo shoot, I have really become interested in photography. I think I am going to take more photos as a hobby, so look forward to more posts about what I am learning about DSLR camera’s and shooting in manual. Also if you notice my new header image and the photo of me on the about page were both taken that same day by my wonderful sister.

I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any tips on photography.

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