Introducing Mrs. On Main Artwork


So, I have been painting for about 7 months now, and I guess I have become quite good at it. I had several compliments on my paintings and people told me that I was good enough to start selling works of art.  I just sold my first painting last week and the customer was very happy.  I am only doing paintings by request, but maybe in the future I will be able to keep inventory. Currently, I sell through a business Facebook page, but I may make a website if I start to sell inventory paintings.

I am very excited about being able to sell my work.  I have always enjoyed drawing or many other forms of art, and it is nice to see that people appreciate my work. I am not expecting this to become a full time job, but it is a nice way to earn a little extra spending money, and I really do enjoy each canvas that I paint.  I like the challenge of painting new subjects, while incorporating my own artistic style.


This is a link to my page:

I have several pictures of paintings that I have done.  But I am willing to try new styles. The process that works best for me right now is to have you (my client) send me a picture of what you would like via Facebook messenger.  I want you to include if you want any color changes and the size canvas that you would like me to use.  I have a pricing list on the “About” page.  I will give you a time frame of how long I estimate it will take me to paint, and I will send pictures of the completed painting.  Then, I will ask for feedback and if you are satisfied, I will send you an invoice via PayPal (Please note that shipping will be an additional cost to the prices shown). I will ship the painting as soon as payment is confirmed.

Below are a few of the paintings I have done thus far (click to view larger):

Let me know if you have any tips for starting a small business or if you are interested in ordering a painting contact me via Facebook or email me at

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