Office Decor Project: Mini Terrarium

I normally decorate my desk for the different holidays, but right now as it is summer and no holiday season is in sight (despite what the stores say) I decided to make a few office decor items to brighten up my work space.

This is a $3 project.  I purchased all the items at the Dollar Tree.

Mini Terrarium

Items needed:

  • Glass container
  • Sand or Rocks
  • Succulent or other small plant (can be real or fake)
  • Gold Sharpie & rubber band (optional)

I decided on a round fish bowl shaped container.  It fit my succulent the best.


Next, I added about a cup of white sand to the bottom of the dish.


I cut the stem of my succulent to fit into the sand, I did use a fake plant because I never remember to water real plants.


You are done!  Or you have the option of making the glass look more chic by using a rubber band and a sharpie. Please continue if you would like to see how I added a little flair to my terrarium.



First, I stretched a rubber band across my glass container at an angle and then I simple traced along the line of the rubber band with my gold Sharpie (you may have to go over your line several times for it to show up well).

The next few pictures show you how I placed the rubber band to make several more lines. (You can click on each picture to view it closer)

Here is the finished project!


I added gold along the rim to give it a finished look


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please send me a picture of your finished project. You can either email me or post it to my Facebook wall.

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