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Hello, sorry I haven’t been posting every week. Life has been a little busy on Main Street.  Brandon started a second job and has been getting up at 4am. so we have been going to bed much earlier than normal. Which leaves me with less time to write.

I decided to do a post on the gallery wall that I mentioned several weeks back.  I have seen a lot of these on Pinterest, and I really wanted a new way to showcase some of our wedding photos and to add a nice discussion piece to our living room.

20160519_081129Ok, so before I continue with the description on how I chose my pieces, I need to mention what happened while I was trying to hang the pieces on the wall.

I had arranged all the pieces on the floor, and I was ready to hang it.  I hung my gallery wall right behind the sofa in the living room.  I noticed that Brandon was on the sofa, so I told him it would probably be better if he moved to the loveseat, since I would be hanging things right above him.  He was trying to watch a Cubs game and said that he would be fine where he was and that he didn’t want to be that far away from me (one thing I really appreciated about Brandon is that he truly likes to be with me, even if we are not speaking to one another).  I told him that was fine and proceeded to drill holes and hammer nails.  I was nearing the end of the gallery wall and had almost all the pieces hung, when I went to hammer in a nail, I guess the vibration caused the large letter “b” to fall from the wall and directly onto Brandon’s shin.  At first I didn’t even notice that it hit him, but when I turned around I saw poor Brandon lying on the floor.  It ended up cutting him and causing a rather large goose egg and bruise to form.  Needless to say, Brandon sat on the loveseat until I was done nailing everything in.


Ok, so back to the gallery wall. I wanted different pieces that would reflect the style and colors that I already had in the living room. I used a lot of bold, but muted shades of blue, green, and yellow.


These are the pieces I used and where I found them (from left to right):

Top row:

  • The white arrow I made from some contact paper that I bought at Walmart for $1.  I then used a gold metallic marker to line the edges so it would stand out better on the white wall.
  • The “Trust in the Lord” sign Brandon spotted at Hobby Lobby, it was on sale for about $12.
  • The muted green/blue “b” we received as a Christmas gift from my sister.  I believe she got it at Gordman’s.
  • The colorful clock was an anniversary present from Brandon.  He is so good at picking out things that I like. He knew I was wanting a clock for the gallery wall, and he found this one on Amazon.
  • The muted green and brass frame was something we bought with gift cards from our wedding.  We got it at Kohl’s.


Middle row:

  • The set of keys that spell out “love” were something that Brandon also spotted.  They were on sale for $4 at Gordman’s.
  • The 8″x10″ frame I purchased at Walmart for about $7 and the picture inside is one of our wedding photos. I had it printed at Walgreens for a few dollars.
  • The next item was a cool metal frame that I found at Michael’s for $4.  I had bought a glass candle mirror at the dollar store, and it fit perfectly in the hole.  This turned it into a small mirror.
  • The metal bicycle is one of my favorite pieces, I found it at Hobby Lobby for $12.


Bottom row:

  • The 4″x 6″ picture frame was from Walmart it cost about $4 and the picture was another wedding photo that I had printed earlier.
  • The arrow which can also hold notes or pictures. I found  it at Michael’s on sale for $10.
  • The last frame is a 5″x7″ frame that I also purchased from Walmart. And it has one of our Christmas pictures from last year.
  • The last item which is basically in the middle on its own is a wall cling that I got at the Dollar Tree.  It’s the verse in Joshua about “Our house will serve the Lord”.

So, for everything it cost me about $60.  Not too bad for how many items I used.  It helps also to use things that you already have, this will greatly decrease the cost. Or you can make things.  In the future, I would probably make more items vs. buying them to save some money.


Gallery Wall Tips:

  • Lay out your gallery wall on floor and keep rearranging it until you find the perfect arrangement.  That way you put less holes in the wall.
  • Make sure that your pieces are no more than two fingers width apart.  It will make the gallery look more like one unified piece vs. just a bunch of random things on the wall.
  • Try not to place pieces of the same shape close to each other.  If need be place them at an angle from one another.
  • Use different colors and textures (woods, metals, etc.)
  • Be creative and use pieces that make you happy and reflect your sense of style and compliment your room and home decor.
  • Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.  I asked Brandon a few times if the arrangement looked right.

Comment below with any questions.  I would also love to see pictures if you decide to do your own gallery wall.  You can email me at or post them on my Facebook page

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