Chicago Getaway

Before I knew that Brandon was going to plan a special day for our anniversary, we had planned a trip to Chicago to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.


We started our weekend by attending one of Brandon’s favorite events…a Cubs baseball game.  Growing up I was never much of a sport person.  I didn’t watch sports, and I was not athletic (I’m still not really athletic).  But after three years of being with Brandon, I have started to really enjoy baseball. I think it has to do a lot with the excitement that Brandon gets when they get a run (I hope that is the proper term).


Our seats were perfect we were far enough back that we were under the overhang and straight back from the dugout.  At first we were really worried that the game was going to get rained out because the forecast had shown a high chance all day.  Thankfully, it only rain periodically and stopped.  The only bad thing was that they did have a rain delay which meant that we ended up having to leave early because I had only paid for so many hours of parking.  I was very sadden by this because Brandon finally came to a game where they were wining, and he didn’t get to stay and sing the famous Go Cubs Go song.  He was really nice about it, but I wish we could have gotten to experience that.


Next we headed downtown to our hotel.  We stayed at a hotel in the loop which is an area I’m not as familiar with, but it was by the river which was pretty.  We stayed down there because our activity for the next day was in that area.


After we check into the hotel, we decided it was time for some Chicago style deep dish pizza.  Brandon found this place right around the corner from our hotel call Lou Malnati’s. We had to wait about an hour, which for Downtown at about 6:30 isn’t that bad.  It was definitely worth the wait.  I was only able to eat one piece because they were cut in very large slices, but Brandon managed to finish the rest of our medium pizza.  I thought for sure he was going to be sick.


When we were finished eating, we noticed that it had begun to rain, very hard. At first we thought that it would slow down, but instead it rained harder.  The funny thing about this was that back at the hotel before we left I had asked Brandon if I should bring an umbrella, and he checked the radar and there was no rain in sight.  So, we finally decided to just brave the weather and walk to our hotel.  We were soaked by the time we got to the hotel.  I mean it look like we had taken a shower in our clothes.  Our hotel was rather nice, I had gotten a good deal on it. So, it was hard to control our laughter as we walked past the front desk where people were dressed in suits with our squishy wet shoes and drenched hair.


The next day, we slept in and then check out of our hotel.  We wasted some time walking around downtown.  There happened to be a Memorial Day parade, so we admired the people in uniforms and the floats and the band playing music.  For lunch we went to the Harry Carry restaurant.  I guess Harry Carry was a famous announcer for the Cubs (don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either).  The food was very good, we both had gourmet burgers, which were huge and I could only eat like half of mine.


Finally, it was time for the event that I was most excited about, Brandon had gotten tickets to a Disney Beauty and the Beast Broadway show at the Cadillac Theater. Now, last time and the only time I had been to a theater downtown, everyone was very dressed up, so I told Brandon that we would need to be in appropriate attire.  Come to find out that because this was an early afternoon showing most people were dressed much more casual.  Oh well, it was kind of fun to get to be dressed up for the day.



After the play, we just walked back to our car and drove home.  It was a very fun weekend of relaxing, and it was nice to just spend time together enjoying each other’s company.

A few money saving tips for Chicago:

  • I used Expedia to get our hotel for half the price it would normally cost, and if you are a member you can get an additional 10% off select hotels.
  • I also used The SpotHero app for parking.  I got 24 hour parking near our hotel for $25.  The only thing I would recommend is that you stick to parking garages because we had parking near Wrigley that was just an individual that rented a space, and it didn’t seem very safe.  Nothing happened, but it could have.  Also, with a garage you can add extra time to your parking through the app without having to go to your car.
  • Pizza is a cheap way to feed a couple people.  It was only about $20 for both Brandon and I to eat.  I would imagine it would be a good way to save money if you are feeding a family.

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