A Day with My Dad

A Day With My Dad

This past Tuesday I was able to spend the whole day celebrating my dad’s 50th birthday.  His actual birthday isn’t until Saturday, but we both had the day off so we made it a date.

My dad and I started our day by going to see a movie together.  My Dad really enjoys action movies, so we saw Criminal.  The story was good, and it was a fairly clean movie, except for the language.  Next we headed over to our favorite place to eat near the theater…The Chinese Buffet. It was only about 2pm when we got back to the house, so we decided that since the weather had been warm the day before and moist today we should look for some morels.  We searched and hiked around on my dad’s property for about 3 hours.  We found about 55 mushrooms and had a very enjoyable time talking and just walking in the woods.



My dad is a great man, he has always taught me how to work hard and strive for better things in my life. I don’t think I would be where I was if it wasn’t for him.  He has also taught me a lot about nature.  I feel like every time I am in the woods with him I learn something new about a certain tree or plant.  I think that I get my love of the outdoors from him.



It so much different now that I am married and don’t see him every day, but I feel like we have a new kind of relationship that is cool in its own way.  I will be excited for the day when Brandon and I have children and they will be able to call him Grandpa.  I hope my future children will find as much enjoyment as I have found with being with my dad in the woods and learn from him how to work hard for things in life.

Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!  I Love You!

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