Kitchen Makeover

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When you live in an apartment there are only so many things you can do when it comes to remodeling.  I can’t make any major changes to the foundation of the room, but that doesn’t mean I can liven things up with furniture and decor.

I really enjoy color and lots of it.  My style tends to involve color and a mixture of new and old items.  Let’s call it flea market chic! I decided that the kitchen is the best place for bright color because let’s be honest most of our time spent in that room as women involves cooking and washing dishes.  Having all the bright color in that room tends to make those tasks a little less dull.

BEFORE (P.S. Brandon didn’t know I was taking this picture)

This is the room before.  Our table was just a little to large for the long skinny eating area off the kitchen, and it was very inconvenient to have to move the table every time I wanted to get something off of the shelf that Brandon made me.

The first thing I did was paint the shelf that Brandon and his dad made for our appliances.  I decided on a matte yellow color.  I only did one coat because I like the distressed look.  I also found some cute contact/shelf paper at the Dollar Tree and used Modge Podge glue to adhere it to the back of the shelves.  The total cost of this project was about $10.


My mom had a small shelf that she had made in high school. She said she didn’t care what I did with it, so I painted it red and added a few cup hooks on the bottom to hold some colorful mugs that my mom bought me at the Goodwill for .33 each.  Total cost of this project was free because my mom gave me old paint she had and some of the hooks she had laying around.

With decor

My grandma gave me a small kitchen table that she was not using anymore. It was round and smaller than my other table and fit perfectly in our kitchen space.  Since the table is somewhat plain, I decided to add some colorful chairs.  My mom had some old kitchen chairs in the barn loft that she didn’t need anymore, so I paint one blue, one orange, one yellow, and one red.  The total cost on this project again was free because I had left over paint from other projects.


The wall were still in need of a little decor, so I found on Pinnterest an idea of hanging old plates on the wall.  My mom and grandma found an assortment of colors and sizes at Salvation Army.  I hot glued paper clips to the back of the plates to make a loop to hang them by a nail on the wall.  My mom was generous enough not to charge me for the plates, but I believe the total cost of this project came to about $10.


I decided I need one more thing for the other blank wall and I discovered that the painting that I did in my Impressions of an Impressionist post matched the colors perfectly.


I am very happy with how my kitchen turned out and it didn’t really cost me more than $30.  Special thanks to my mom and grandma for all the things they let me have and found for me at the thrift stores!  Let me know in a comment if you have any questions.


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