Beth, My Favorite Sister

This past weekend I had the privilege of my favorite (and only) sister visit me for the weekend.  I haven’t seen my sister since Christmas and that visit was a short one.  My sister and I are only 18 months apart, so we have always been very close.  She was always with me growing up and will always be my best friend.

Beth, My Sister Mrs. on MainThis past almost year of marriage has been wonderful, but one thing about it is that it has been the longest time in my entire life that I have been away from my sister Beth.  I will say that her visit was much over due.  We enjoyed some movies and junk food and also several hours of just talking.  Brandon is a wonderful man, and he is a good listener, but there is just something about talking to another woman.  God gave women a special bond that is so wonderful and unique.  We talked about our different lives, our friends, relationships, and our relationship with Christ.


As you know Beth and I were home schooled together, so we were so much more than sisters we were class mates, best friends, and each other’s most close confidant. I can’t remember much of life before Beth came into it. Beth has the kindest heart of anyone I know.  Her love for others is inspirational.  She can always find a way to make others smile, and she always looks out for the feelings of others before herself.  Beth also has a great way of making you laugh.  She can seem so shy and then say something incredibly witty, and I can’t help but throw my head back and laugh like a crazy person.  Beth is also a very loyal person, even when people around her have hurt her, she is always willing to see the good in them and stay committed as a friend.


When we first moved into the house that my dad built we both had separate rooms with separate beds, but my sister and I enjoyed being with each other so much that after our mom would put us to bed, we would sneak into each others bedroom so we could be together.  Eventually my mom decided that maybe we should share a room, and we did until I was about 10 and decided I was independent and didn’t want her in my room all the time.  But even after we had separate rooms, we would often stay the night with each other just so we could talk or because one of us was scared.  Sometimes I acted like I didn’t really want Beth in my room, but I think I always secretly enjoyed it.


Beth is currently attending a bible college to become a teacher.  Beth has always had a love for children, so I know that she will be great working with them.  Her sweet and sensitive spirit can relate to children well. Also, her loving character makes children feel safe and protected.  Which would make them feel comfortable to talk to her about anything that was happening in their lives.


I’m so glad that God blessed me with a sister who is so different from me, but also someone who I can relate and connect with.  Even though she is gone to college and not always around, I know that she is only a phone call, text, or snap chat away. I am truly blessed to have Beth as a sister.

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P.S. Seriously, check out these pictures! She was an adorable kid, and she is now a beautiful women.


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