Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter

I know it’s still February, but since Easter is next month I thought it was time for a little spring time decorating.  I got together with my mother this past week and made another wreath.  I did not take step by step pictures, because I mostly just hot glued various things that my mom had at her house on a wicker wreath form. For the Banner, all I did was cut out flag shaped yellow paper and then I used some alphabet stickers for the letters.Spring Wreath, Mrs. On MainThe other thing I made while I was at my mother’s house was this super cute Easter tree.  I used a vase I had at home and just put some floral foam in it. My mom cut some branches from some trees behind her house, which I stuck in the foam.  Then my mom had these artificial little eggs and a bird that I attached to the branches.  I also put some artificial moss in the base to cover up the foam.  It only took me like 10 minutes to make, and it was so easy.20160220_221951

Monday, I had the day off and all the house work was done, so I decided to relax and make a craft while watching a little “Call of The Midwife” on Netflix (one of my new favorite shows).  I have seen those decorative string balls (technical name) at home stores, but they are always so expensive.  So, I decided to try and make my own.  I found a tutorial on Pinterest, but it required a special hardener, so I made my own recipe. Here is what I did.

Decorative String Balls

You will need:

  • Standard white glue
  • Embroidery string (I got a package of 36 at Walmart for $3.50)
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Ziplock bag or disposable bowl
  • Balloons (water balloons work best, but they are hard to find this time of year)

20160222_132549In a bag, mix even parts glue, flour, and water.  It should have a heavy cream consistency. Next blow up your balloons to the size you want your string balls to be (you can do various sizes if you want).20160222_133548Next wrap string around three fingers and then dip it in the glue mixture.  Be careful not to tangle the string.  Squeeze any excess glue off the string and start wrapping the string around the balloon.  Be sure to wrap it somewhat tight and alternate your direction and pattern to evenly cover the balloon.  It doesn’t really matter how you wrap it, it really depends on how big you want the gaps to be on your string ball.20160222_134757

20160222_134929Lay the balloons on a paper towel to dry (I would recommend leaving them overnight). 20160222_135256

20160222_151722The next day after they are completely dry and feel hard/crunchy, cut a small hole in the balloon *Tip* Hold on to the knot of the balloon, so the balloon doesn’t fall into the string ball.  You may need to gently push the string away from the balloon.  You may also want to do this over a paper towel or the trash can because excess dried glue goes everywhere. 20160223_174857You are all done!  Now you can place them in a bowl, basket or other decorative container and display them in your home.  I put mine in a basket with some Easter grass and a cute stuffed owl.20160223_174738

Happy Spring!

Mrs on Main signature

P.S. The winner of the Spring to it Contest is Jane Bellows, I will be sending you your prize as soon as I can.  Congrats!


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