Married and Bright

So, this last week was my very first Christmas as a married women.  It was a very nice Christmas, but so much different than all the years past.

The day before Christmas Eve, Brandon and I were able to make our gingerbread house or should I say graham cracker house.  I also found this fabulous 3-ingredient recipe for the royal frosting that hardens quickly.


Brandon and I both ended up working on Christmas eve, but thankfully were able to get off in time to join my family at my great Grandmother’s house to open gifts. It was so nice to catch up with my cousins and especially enjoy my new baby cousin Hazel who is just 3 months old. Brandon and I got to have our baby fix.

Our stockings

Brandon and I spent Christmas morning together just the two of us…or should I say four of us if you count Spartacus and Splinter.  We did stockings and opened gifts from each other.  I think the gift that I was most excited about was an acrylics painting set.  I had mentioned a few months ago that I would really like to try painting as a hobby while Brandon is doing his homework; I was so surprised that Brandon remembered me saying that. I already bought some canvases from Michael’s, and I’m looking into buying an easel.

Spartacus and Splinter with their new toys

After our morning together, we drove to Brandon’s parent’s house for an afternoon brunch.  It was really nice, except their stove died before we arrived, and they had to scramble to find electric skillets and other ways to cook the food.  Brandon’s parents and sister blessed us with an overabundance of gifts; from new scarfs to a car vacuum to new cloths and more.

Ugly sweater
Brandon’s ugly sweater for a contest at work

Next we drove to Brandon’s Grandma Little’s house, we exchanged gifts, and I hung the curtains that I hemmed for her.  I was very pleased with how they turned out.  I was also able to make an apron out of the excess material.  I will try to write a post of my process. But I didn’t use or make a pattern, so I’m not really sure how to give you instructions.


We finished our day by driving to my parent’s house and exchanging gifts with my sister and Grandma Shirley.  We received a nice set of dishes from my parents, some warm blankets from my sister, and a vegetable steamer from my Grandma.  I’m really excited to use the steamer since I have never used one, and Brandon said he likes steamed vegetables the best. A good excuse to eat healthier.



Our first Christmas involved a lot of driving and figuring out how to divide up time between family members, but I would say it was a success.  It didn’t feel stressful or hectic.  It was actually very relaxing and enjoyable.  I am excited for many more Christmas’ together, and hopefully one day soon with children.



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