Snapshots and Skyscrapers

I know…I didn’t post last Saturday.  I am really trying to at least post once a week, but I was not feeling well last week and to be completely honest I really couldn’t decide what to write about. Good news is that I felt better this week and also Brandon is working late, so I have some time to write.

Last weekend, Brandon and I both had the day off which is kind of a rarity.  So, we decided to have some pictures taken for our Christmas card.  I have a friend who recently started a photography profession.  And let me just say…She is very talented!  I will post a link to her website (Click here to go to the website).  She also has a pretty awesome blog with weekly posts on Monday.

Her husband also joined us and we had a lovely time walking around downtown and taking photos.  Brandon and I are not the most photogenic couple, but I was so happy with the shots she got.  I will definitely be going back to her for future occasions. So enough talk about the photos, here are my favorites from the shoot: (click on a photo to view it larger)

Brandon and I decided that since we were already in the suburbs, why not enjoy some time in downtown Chicago.  Brandon found out that there was a winter fest thing happening at Navy Pier, so he got tickets online and we drove into the city for the evening.

We had a lovely evening.  First we decided that it was time for dinner, so we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp.  I really like seafood!  We went to one of their other locations on our honeymoon in Florida.  It is a fun place because they have things from the Forrest Gump movie on the walls and tables.  I had scampi with capers (which I had never had, but I really liked). Brandon had this bucket of all different seafood, he also got to have fresh crab for the first time.  He told me he didn’t know if he could go back to the imitation crab meat.

20151212_180218 (2)

The winter festival was fun, but to be honest it was overpriced.  It cost us $9 just to get in the door and look around.  It was also geared more toward younger children. But Brandon and I enjoyed all the lights and decorations, and it was just nice spending a day together.  I think the coolest thing was this giant snow globe that you could go inside and of course the huge decorated tree was beautiful!


After the Christmas festival, we walked around the pier and looked at a few shops.  Brandon said that he had to go to this one candy shop where he bought a bucket of Taffy.  He said I could also get something, but I just didn’t see anything I really wanted.  Which is strange for me because I love almost anything sweet.  As we continued to walk around, I noticed a photo booth.  I always like photo booths despite the fact they are very over priced for photos that you could probably take with your smart photo and have better quality, but it’s the experience that matters.  So I told Brandon that that was what I wanted, we crammed into the booth and selected the theme.  The camera went off four times and we did various shots.  They actually turned out pretty well and it was fun.

Photo Strip

It was a pretty simple day, but it was so nice to spend the whole day together.  I always enjoy our days with just the two of us.  Comment below or email me what are some fun days you have spent with your husband or a good friend.



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  1. We go downtown Chicago every year around Christmas. We started the tradition kind of on accident I guess. We started the first year we were married and have gone now for 3 years. Aria really enjoys it too. We don’t do anything fantastic. We just wander around the city and head to Lincoln Park Zoo at night to see the lights – it’s free!

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