Brandon, The Mr. On Main

I know I have already told you about my love story, but that post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t tell you about the man behind that love story. Also Monday we will have been married for 6 months, and I would like to dedicate this post to the man who made me the Mrs. on Main.

When he completed his hunter safety course

My husband Brandon is an amazing man, and he loves me in so many ways.  I think besides his devotion to God, it was his sense of humor that made me fall in love with him. He truly is my best friend, and he can make me laugh like no other person can.  They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well I think the way to a woman’s heart is through her funny bone.

Silly Faces

I love to laugh.  In fact, I laugh at almost everything.  I will give you an example,  you could say the word “pudding” and I could find it funny.  Some of the things that Brandon does that make me smile are when he does voices.  Sometimes they can be slightly annoying, but deep down I always find them amusing.  Brandon also very much likes to sing about things, particularly about me and what I am doing. Even when I try not to smile, I can’t help but enjoy being serenaded about how I put on my eye shadow in the morning.

IMG_5287_edited-1 IMG_5286_edited-1 IMG_5285_edited-1

The great thing about Brandon is that he can be completely silly at times, but he can get very deep and very serious.  Particularly when it comes to his relationship with God.  In fact, when I really first started to think that I might be attracted to him was when I heard him pray.  He was always very sincere and was truly talking to the Lord and not worried about what other people thought of him.

Brandon is also a very caring and considerate man.  He is very protective of me and always knows how to comfort me when I don’t feel well either physically or mentally.  An example of how he cares for me during physical ailment was about two months ago,  I got a crick in my neck to the point where I could not even turn my head.  After I came home from work that evening, Brandon took about an hour messaging and slowly turning my head different directions until I had more mobility in my neck. He is also very patient with me whenever I have emotional problems (you know what I’m talking about ladies); he will just hold me close stroke my hair and let me cry until his shirt is soaking.  He never complains about it either.


I would like to make note of Brandon’s commitment, devotion, and hard work.  Brandon is studying to become a teacher.  He is always very committed to getting all his assignments done on time. I have seen him stay up late at night to be sure things are done in the proper manner.  I know that he tries hard for me and for our future family.  This means so much to me. Not only does Brandon go to school Monday-Friday, but he works all weekend at a part time job.

Daytona Beach for Our Honeymoon
Daytona Beach for Our Honeymoon

Finally, Brandon is becoming the leader of our family.  I know this was a little hard for him at first, but with God’s help he continues to take his place as the leader in our relationship.  Not a leader in the sense of being a dictator over me, but being the one to make the final decision, protect me, and make sure that we are growing closer to the Lord as a couple. I am so thankful that Brandon always considers the advice I give him, but also gives me advice in a way that will help me grow to become a better wife.


Even thought I know I don’t always show him the love and appreciation that he deserves, God has truly blessed me with an amazing man for a husband. His love and commitment to me really shows me the love of Christ.

Thank you Brandon for all that you have done for me! I love you so much, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life falling more in love with you and seeking God’s will for our lives together.



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