Home is Where My School Was

I know I have written a lot about my past, but I think it makes it easier to understand a person’s future if we have the back story.

I was homeschooled.  Yes, from kindergarten through Senior year of high school.  I will start with saying I am not one of those homeschoolers that believes everyone should be homeschooled. It is not for everyone, but I loved it.

One of my school pictures (yep, in front of our fridge)
One of my school pictures                             (yep, in front of our fridge)

I will also say, before the questions are asked, I was socialized, yes it is legal, yes I did school in my pajamas, and no I was not a kid genius.  Homeschooling was a choice that my mom made in the beginning, but as I got older she always gave me a choice if I wanted to continue in it the next year.  I truly loved being homeschooled.  And I feel it really prepared me well for my future.

I will give you a little insight about why I loved it so much.  I would normally wake up around 9 or 10 am and eat my breakfast with my mom and sister.  Next I would sometimes get dressed or simply stay in my pajamas to do my homework.  I had all the same subjects that you would learn in school, but instead of an hour or more of lecture on each subject.  I had short videos or written directions followed by a homework sheet (or sheets as I got older) and/or a lot of reading for subjects like history.  I could work at my own pace because my only deadline was whether I wanted to take more time with homework or finish it quickly, so I could enjoy the day outside.  I would turn all my papers into my mom, who would grade them and get them back to me normally by the end of the week.

Homeschooling also gives you a lot more freedom as to what and where you study.  When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to be a doctor or veterinarian (that definitely didn’t happen)  so, my mom got me more text books on science, and she let me do experiments outside, and I was able to dissect several animals to learn more about them.  We also had more choices when it came to curriculum.  If one program was working for me, but not my sister, my mom would simply buy another curriculum for her to try.


Another thing that homeschoolers do is field-trips, or really anyway they can find to make learning more hands on. The thing about homeschoolers and field-trips is that we didn’t just go to museums or parks.  Everywhere you would go turned into a field-trip.  Mom needs to go to the store to get groceries, it’s an educational experience as she has you learn more about economics and figure out the cost of the groceries. Dad is working on the car in the garage, guess what you are now taking shop class.  Even a lot of our vacations turned into hands on learning experiences.  We went to South Dakota for a hunting trip for my dad (I know not the most exciting vacation). At that time, we were studying Laura Ingalls, and guess what, she lived in South Dakota. So we visited her home and did some homework based on what we saw.

To me this always made learning fun and something that you always do, not just in a classroom or school building.  School or learning was a part of everyday life.

Gold Rush Party, where we got to pan for gold
Gold Rush Party, where we got to pan for gold

I feel also that homeschooling really helped prepare me for college.  I was used to independent study.  I was also used to doing a lot of reading and doing all of my school work from the comfort of my bedroom. The only thing I struggled with at first was timed tests, but after one or two I was fine.

Homeschool Group Science Fair
Homeschool Group Science Fair

One of the main reasons that I was socialized as a homeschooler was that I was a part of  a homeschooling group that met every other Friday.  We at one time had about 40 families and most of the families had at least three children of various ages.  So, not only did I learn to get along with children my age, I also learned how to have friends of all different ages.  We did a lot of fun things together.  We did group science experiments, art projects, theater, music, service projects, and we even had a graduation at the end of the year with a talent show. And of course, we went on many group field-trips.

I hope this gives you a little insight about why I loved homeschooling so much.  It taught me so many things and made me want to be a life long learner in all areas of life, not just a classroom.

I also can’t end this post without thanking my mom, who gave up much of her time to teach me and my sister.  She truly taught me everything I know.



2 thoughts on “Home is Where My School Was

  1. I love that you were taught to love learning. We have toyed with the idea of homeschooling. I am not sure we could swing it financially, at this point we both need to work. But we love the idea of getting Aria out to do hands on learning. I suppose this is still possible if she went to school. But, anyway, I love that you love learning. I didn’t love learning until I got older and I really hope I can instill that same value in Aria as she grows.

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    1. Thanks! I enjoyed it very much. But I realize it does not work for every family, but that is not to say that you can’t still teach your children things at home or instill a love of learning in them.


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