My Love Story

I met my husband at a young adults bible study.  I remember that he was the second person I was introduced to.  We talked casually as acquaintance type friends for about two years.  I had at one time had a slight crush on him, but he didn’t show any interest, so I soon moved on.

After about a year and a half our group started a church, and I started attending regularly with my sister and best friend.  At that time, we had a church service that met in the evening. On the evening of my 22nd birthday, I noticed that Brandon seemed to be acting a little strange. After church, I kept hearing him tell those around him that he was leaving to go back to college, but he never left.  He kept walking past me in the fellowship hall.  As I was talking to my good friend Jessica, he approached us, but he didn’t say hello actually he stood perpendicular to us awkwardly. Jessica and I gave each other a look which meant “what is he doing?”. Finally, Jessica went to talk to some other people at the church, and no sooner had she walked away did Brandon approach me and say “Sara, can I ask you a question?” I thought this to be a little strange since we had talked casually several times, but I answer him and said “sure”.  As soon as that word had left my mouth, he blurted out the question (without looking me completely in the eyes) “Would you want to go on a date sometime?”

Our First Date
Our First Date

I felt like every thing was in slow motion, and I wasn’t sure if what I had just heard was correct, so I smoothly responded with ” Are you serious, did you just ask me out? (You see this was the first time in my life I had been asked out. And I was starting to think it would never happen) He shook his head “yes”.  I felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest and suddenly I couldn’t talk.  My tongue felt like it was made of rubber. Finally after what felt like an hour, I responded with “Let me pray about it, and I’ll let you know next Sunday”. I grabbed my sister and best friend, and we headed to the car to drive home.

I had so many emotions running through my head.  I had struggled most of my life with desiring to be in a relationship and to be married to the point where it had become an idol in my life.  I had put it above everything including my relationship with Jesus. A month prior to this evening, our group had a Fall retreat where I wrote a letter to God and was finally able to give that sin to the Lord.  I still had the desire to be married one day, but it was no longer an idol in my life.  That is why Brandon’s request took me so off guard. It may only seem like a date to you, but I take relationships very seriously. I didn’t want to enter into anything, that might compromise my newly found freedom in Christ.


I spent the next week praying and confiding in others who knew me and knew Brandon.  I really felt the Lord and other’s around me say that I should go for it. The next Sunday after church, we talked and agreed to start dating.  We exchanged numbers and Brandon asked if he could Skype me the following day.  I agreed and that was the start of our dating relationship.  Our first date was wonderful and simple.  We took a walk at a local park, ate at an Italian restaurant, and then went back to my house and watched a movie with my parents.

Our relationship progressed at a nice pace.  Brandon and I decided together to set physical boundaries that we did pretty well with honoring. Brandon asked me on our third date to hold my hand, we wouldn’t be in each others rooms with the door closed all the way, and we decided to save our first kiss on the lips for our wedding day.  These were strict rules, and we did have a few slip ups, but I’m so glad that God gave us the will power to be careful and not get physical too fast.

We dated for about 8 months and on June 7th Brandon asked me to marry him.  He had the most amazing proposal.  Better than anything I could have imagined.  As you know from my first post, The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favorite movies/books.  So, Brandon had a friend from church invite me to go out for a girls day and dress up. While I was enjoying a day of shopping, eating, and laughing; he was building a Narnian forest at our church with the help of several of my family members, my best friend, and several people from the church.

Narnian Forest
Narnian Forest

My friend Lindsay said she forgot her bible at the church and asked me if we could stop by there on our way home.  I agreed and when we pulled up in front of the church there was Brandon all dressed up (which doesn’t happen much, since he doesn’t like dressing up) waiting  for me.  He took my hand led me through a wall of fur coats into the church which was decorated with fake snow, trees, candles, and he even had the soundtrack playing in the back ground.  He continue in and had me sit at a table where he had prepared a meal for us.  By this time, I was so excited, nervous, and stunned that I couldn’t eat.  Brandon was so calm and just ate and asked me about my day.  I was starting to be confused, and I wasn’t sure if this really was a proposal.  He said he had a special dessert and came back with a crystal dish filled with Turkish Delight (candy that the White Witch used to tempt Edmund) and a ring.  He knelt down on one knee and said “Sara, would you marry me?”  And of course I responded with “Yes, yes, a million times yes!” Oh and then come to find out my sister and best friend were there and got pictures and a video of the whole thing.

The Proposal

11 months later, we were married on May 16th, 2015.  It was a perfect day.  It was warmer than usual and it didn’t rain.  We were married at a church that I used to attend as a child, and we had about 250-300 guests.  Our pastor did the ceremony. We just requested that he present the gospel, and he did it beautifully.  Brandon and I wrote our own vows. Brandon went first and became very emotional and started to cry; he is such a sweet man with a very compassionate heart.  I was doing ok, until he looked up at me and then I started to cry as well, but I made it through my vows.  Now finally the moment came, our pastor told Brandon that he could kiss his bride, and Brandon and I enjoy our very first kiss.  It was so worth the wait even if it was (not to be gross) a little snotty from all the crying.

Our First Kiss
Our First Kiss

So, that is our love story thus far.  It gets better everyday.  Marriage can be hard and I have learned so much about myself, but with God’s help it can be a beautiful way to put His glory on display.


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