Tantalizing Tuesdays, Pumpkin Season

Ok, so I know all you are seeing everywhere is everything pumpkin related, and I am not really your average white american women who loves pumpkin everything. But what I do like is pumpkin bread. So…I headed over to my favorite place to find recipes, Pinterest of course.  I found this Amish style pumpkin bread, and it is delicious.  It is not overly pumpkiny (let’s just pretend that is a real word) and the recipe makes two loaves!

Pumpkin Bread

Another thing that I am really into this time of year is Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte scented lotion. It has a soft sweet smell, and it really does smell like coffee. Warning, it will make you thirsty!

If you are looking to do a fun, fast, and inexpensive craft, I found that the Dollar Tree has these small Styrofoam carvable pumpkins for $1.  I bought some paint from Wal-Mart for .50 cents and painted the whole pumpkin a solid color and put a monogram on the front. The Dollar Tree also had a large package of glitter glue, so I used some to give my pumpkin a little sparkle. It looks like I got it from one of those fancy boutiques, but it only cost me about $2-3 to make it.


I am going to start posting a new Tantalizing Tuesday every week, so check back or subscribe or like my blog to see more.



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