The Mrs. on Main

Hello, I am Sara, the Mrs. on Main. I think we should start with introductions, since it will give you a better feel for what/who I will be writing about in latter posts.

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Brandon, for 5 months (more posts to come on our love story).  Brandon is attending college to become a teacher.  I’m so proud of him, he works so hard and even got honors this summer for his work.  He only has two more semesters to go!


We are also the parents to two very mischievous male rats Spartacus and Splinter.  I know what you are thinking when I say “RAT”, but I assure you, they are not like the big red-eyed sewer rats that you are picturing.  They are very much like large hamsters, well…except for the long tails.


I work full-time as an office manager for a furniture store.  It is a family owned business, and I really enjoy the environment that it provides.  I have learned more about furniture than I ever wanted or needed to know.

Ok, I guess we should talk about me (since I am the Mrs.).  Let’s start with a few of my favorites. This should give you a pretty good feel for my interests and what I will most likely be posting about.

My Favorites:

  • The color purple and most other bright colors
  • Mint and chocolate, but I will eat any kind of chocolate really
  • Dresses (especially the ones that swish when you spin)
  • Coffee, even though I can only drink decaf
  • Owls (they are all over my apartment)
  • Pearls ( I have a pair of earrings that I wear almost everyday)
  • Fantasy/Adventure movies and books (The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings all the way)
  • The autumn season, which also happens to be when I was born
  • Fashion, especially fall fashion (scarves and boots and sweaters, oh my!)
  • Walks with my Husband (down the street, at a festival, anywhere really)
  • DIY projects and some artsy things
  • Decorating and Organizing
  • Baking (and eating the baked goods)
  • Doctor Who, the T.V.Series
  • Fruit, I can’t get enough of the stuff (my favorite at the moment is dried dates)
  • Hair and Makeup

So, now you know I little about me.  Please feel free to leave a comment with some of your favorites. If you want to contact me, just check out my contact page.
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