Mama Health: Getting in shape after baby

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I know it has been too long. Things have been so busy that I am just now getting a moment to start writing again. With a new house, new job and a 11 month old baby who can walk, things have been crazy. I will catch you up on all these things later, but right now I want to talk about health.

It has been 11 months since my baby boy was born (hard to believe), and I think that now is a good time to really get serious about my health.

I struggled a lot with weight as a teenager, I weighted almost 200 lbs at one time. Then in my senior year of high school into college I got serious about loosing weight, and I have stayed at a healthy weight for most of my adult life up until pregnancy.

Now I did not have a problem gaining weight while pregnant, to be honest I really liked my pregnant body and the way my bump looked under my clothes. I even did well after baby was born because first I was so tired and busy that I didn’t have time to think about my body and second because while breastfeeding I lost most of my baby weight. It wasn’t until about four months ago that I stopped pumping that I started gaining weight.

I think it started because I was used to snacking often while breastfeed/pumping and I felt hungry all the time. Now snacking can be okay in moderation, but my problem was my snacking choices. I would eat whatever was nearby and easy and things that were mostly sugar because they gave me a little boost of energy and they gave me comfort.

Another thing that I should mention about my eating habits is that, I often eat with my moods rather than when I feel hungry. I know I am not the only one out there that does this. I really like food, it can give me comfort, and I sometimes try to use it to fill holes when I feel sad, bored, lonely, anxious, stressed, ect. But what I am finding is that food can’t solve any of those problems, only Christ can.

I also realized that the times when I have been heavier and when I eat more is when I am not spending adequate time with the Lord in his word and in prayer. I try to use food to make me feel better and that is not what food is intended for.

So, I have been making time to read the word each day and spend time in prayer even if I only have a few minutes in between doing things for Samuel and house work. And I have already noticed that my need for food has gone down. And also my love for my husband and son has gone up. It makes sense that God designed us to have a desire for him and when we spend time with him all other things in life seem to fall into place. I’m not saying that life will be perfect, but there will be a peace and a joy that we can’t get from the world or self or food.

So besides getting more time with the Lord, I am really trying to change my eating and activity level. My local gym was having a special. so I was able to sign up for a membership. I have never really liked exercising in public, but having a membership gives me motivation because I know I am paying a fee and seeing the other people at the gym encourages me to get in shape. I have also been trying to cook using more whole foods and making healthier meals. I’m trying to cut back on sugars and increase my vegetation intake. But the biggest thing that helps is to think when I’m going for something in the cupboard. Is it because I am hungry or because I’m seeking comfort when I am feeling emotional or bored.

I wrote up a weight loss goal plan with my starting place and my desired ending, also things that I need to stop and things I need to start and things to do instead of eat when I am bored or emotional.

I also want to say that I have come to realize how hard it is to get used to a different shaped body after childbirth. especially since I had a c-section and my stomach just isn’t the same anymore. It also has tons of silver stretch marks that are fading, but I know may never go away. But that is okay and I thank God for the opportunity to grow and raise a child.

I will keep you updated on my health goals, and I would enjoy any helpful tips or recipe ideas.

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Mama Life: When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

Being a mom is hard. It starts out with the physical changes that your body goes through and continues as you try to figure out how to take care of a tiny human. I know I often feel alone or unsure if I’m doing things correctly.

I believe the internet can be a huge help, but it can also cause a lot of pressure. Sometimes I see posts on Facebook of other moms who seem to have it all together. Or I read a Blog about a mom who can do it all.

There are so many opinions out there that it makes my head swim. Who do you trust? What do you listen to? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself lately.

I also feel like I don’t do enough or I don’t do right things. I feel like if I don’t start something at the right time it’s going to leave my child developmentally behind or hinder him in some way.

But as I write this post, and think about all these things I realize that at the end of the day the most important thing is that my child is fed, clean, and loved. All the other things will come when they need to, and we will all make mistakes.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God – Romans 3:23

Now I know this verse is not speaking about child-raising, but it is talking about how as humans we are not perfect, we are Fallen because of sin and are in desperate need of a savior. This verse is an encouragement to me as a mother and as a woman of God because it reminds me that I cannot be perfect that I am only made clean by the grace of God.

It reminds me that I will not do everything in life perfectly, but with God’s help I can raise my child to know him and to hopefully one day surrender to him and follow him all the days of his life. Because that is the greatest goal as a mom in this life to see my children follow Christ.

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Working Mama


You know how when you’re little you have an idea of what your life will be like when you grow up? I feel like some of it comes true, but many things are different than what you imagined them to be. Being a stay-at-home mom was one of the things that I thought I would do.

I worked full-time until the week before Samuel was born. I didn’t mind it, and it kept my mind off of the waiting. As soon as Samuel was born, having a c-section did make recovery a longer process, and I had a lot of time with just me and him. This may sound terrible, but Samuel was so colicky and cried all the time that I was a little bit relieved to go back to work just to have a break from all the crying. Don’t get me wrong I love him so much, but I just needed a break.

Now fast forward to 6 months, and I miss him every time I go to work. I enjoy being able to accomplish things without distraction or him needing me, but I never knew how much I would miss being with him all the time.

Brandon and I are in a place right now where I need to work. A few weeks back I was really feeling bad about this. I felt like I was going to miss out on so many things. But then I started to think how fortunate I am. I am able to work only part-time. I also recently got a different job where I will never have to work a weekend, and I will be home by 4:30 everyday. I know many moms who have to work full-time, and I have a lot of respect for them. Because I know it must be very hard to give up that time with their children.

I used to have a very different idea of what life should look like as a wife and a mother. I thought I would have a natural birth, breastfeed my baby, and be a stay-at-home wife/mom.

But I’m learning each day that God has different plans for everyone. He may have you work or stay at home or you may be single or never have children. God does all things to bring himself Glory, and we can’t question how he decides to have us do them. I feel like I’m learning this more and more each day as a mother and a wife.

I am so thankful for the life that God has given me. I am beyond blessed to have a loving husband who works so hard to support me and my son and lead us towards Christ. I am also so thankful that God has blessed me with a child that I can love and raise to know him.

So many of my plans have not gone as I thought they would, but I am so glad that they have gone exactly how God knew they would.

Mama Life: My Breastfeeding Journey

Wow! I can’t believe that it has been three months since Samuel was born.  I think I have finally gotten used to being a mom (if you ever really get used to it). Samuel was a very trying baby for the first six weeks, he cried all the time.  I originally thought that it was food related, but nope he just liked to scream.  I wish I could give really good advice on what I did that finally made him stop, but to be honest I think he just grew out of it.


I think one of the most trying things I have had to go through has been breastfeeding.  I went to all the classes and read all the blogs on how breast is best and this special bond that you will have with your baby. Now I’m not saying that I don’t agree with some or most of that, but let me tell you that the poster of the mother looking lovingly into her baby’s face while feeding him was not what I experienced.

Things started out fairly well.  Samuel latched on within minutes of being born.  The problem was that the next few days at the hospital the nurses noticed that I had flat nipples and it was hard for him to latch sometimes, so they brought me something called a nipple shield.  It helped pull my nipple out so Samuel had something to grab on to.  It seemed great at first, I didn’t have to do much to get him to latch and it also helped a little bit with the pain of nursing.  The problem is that they failed to tell me the consequences of using the nipple shield and that I would eventually have to wean him off of it.

Like most new born babies Samuel wanted to nurse constantly (something I don’t think I was totally prepared for).  I thought that things were going well even after getting through the pain and not being able to do anything because he was constantly on my boob, then I woke up with terrible chills and a super high fever.

I had mastitis.  I had read about it, but thought that I would never have to worry about it.  The next morning it seemed to have gone away, but I went to my regular family doctor just to be sure.  She said it was probably just an infection that my body had fought off quickly.  I didn’t think much about it since I felt better. But a week later I woke up again with the chills, but this time my armpit and boob hurt so bad I thought it was going to fall off.  When I got up the next morning my whole boob was red and tender.  I went to my OBGYN and they gave me an antibiotic and said that many woman get it early in breastfeeding, and I shouldn’t have to worry about it. I finished the medicine, but a week later it came back again I decided that I should look into what caused it.

Many blogs I read said that nipple shields could be the problem, so I started to try to wean Samuel off of the shield and let me tell you it was not easy.  It hurt so bad, like toe curling bad and Samuel couldn’t really latch on, so after a couple days I went back to the shield. Once again I got mastitis, I called my doctor and he prescribed me a different antibiotic. I completed it again but a week or two after I stopped the medicine it came back again. So, I decided that maybe I should try to see a lactation consultant.

I went to a lactation consultant and she said that I had a bad latch and this was what was causing the mastitis.  She showed me how to properly latch him, and I also watched as many videos on YouTube videos that I could find.  I finally thought I had a good latch and it didn’t hurt anymore and once again I woke up with the chills.

I cried because I really wanted to continue to nurse Samuel but I felt like it was not going to happen.  I finally decided that I would stop nursing on my left side since that was the side that kept getting the infection. I started to pump on my left side and nurse Samuel on my right side. It was exhausting and hard to stay on a schedule, but I felt like it was working for about two weeks until I got mastitis for the sixth time on the right side.  I woke up sobbing because I felt like a failure.  I had tried everything I could think to do, and I had it again. Brandon consoled me and told me he thought that it would be best for me to stop. I knew he right, it was the best thing for my health and my sanity. But it was a very hard decision.

I decided that I should go to the doctor again. At first the doctor thought that it might be a greater problem and he was going to call for an ultrasound, but after I explained that it had moved to the other side he finally told me what was causing me to get mastitis over and over and over.  Apparently, it is not common but some times baby can carry the infection in their saliva, so every time I nursed Samuel he would just give the infection back to me.  Thankfully it does not affect him at all.  The doctor told me that he was sorry to say it, but that he also thought stopping breastfeeding was the best choice.

I was heart broken, but I knew he was right.  I knew that I couldn’t be a good mother to Samuel if I was constantly sick, and I also knew that being on so many antibiotics was not good for my body. So, I have been exclusively pumping and feeding Samuel part formula and part breast milk. I am currently in the process of drying up my milk and just using formula because I want to be able to enjoy my time with Samuel and family and friends.  Also I was not getting enough sleep and this was affecting my relationship with Brandon and Samuel and when I went to work. I am down to only pumping every five hours and I feel like I am able to be a better wife and mother.


My breastfeeding journey has not been what I thought it would be or how I wanted it to go, but in the end Samuel is healthy. Which is the most important thing. I think the whole process of becoming a mother has taught me that things don’t always happen the way they are in books or movies. And that I need to rely more on Christ to help me through all the struggles of motherhood.

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Samuel’s Birth Story

Birth is something that I feel you can never truly prepare for.  You can read all the books and hear all the stories from other moms, but it is an experience as unique as each baby. This is my story.

Thursday, April 20, 2017, Early Labor

I woke up about 5 am with some contractions, but to be honest I really didn’t think that they were the real thing. I tried to sleep through them as I wanted to get as much sleep as I could, but I finally could not get comfortable.  So, I woke up Brandon and asked him to start tracking them for me. They were about 38 seconds apart and came about every 7 minutes.

I continued to track them until about 8:30, and they were still very consistent, so I called my doctor. We already had a doctor appointment scheduled at 1 pm that afternoon, so the nurse said to go ahead and come to our appointment.

I went ahead and did things as I normally would.  I ate breakfast, then I took a shower and got ready for the day.  Brandon and I watched some TV and ate lunch and then we were off to the doctor appointment.

In the car, the contractions started coming every 4 minutes and lasting about 40 seconds.  But I still could talk and laugh and breath through them fairly easily.  When we got to the doctor office at 1, they were feeling a little more intense, but I was able to wait in the waiting room and continue with our appointment as usual.  When the doctor came in, I told him how close the contractions were, and he checked me to see if I had dilated.  He told me I was already dilated to 4 centimeters, so he said that we should go ahead and get admitted to the hospital.  The nurse came in with a wheel chair, and we were off.

At the Hospital


We got to our room and the nurse had me get into a gown and hooked me up to some monitors. The worse part of early labor was when they tried to insert an IV.  It took three nurses and left me with three sore spots and later bruises in both arms.

I gave the nurse my birth plan, and she was very excited to see that I wanted to do things as natural as possible.  Our nurses name was Heather, she was an awesome lady, she gave me several very helpful tips throughout the process and only came in periodically to check on my and baby’s vitals.

I tried several positions to feel comfortable and the best position seemed to be sitting upright with my ankles crossed on the lowered bed in front of me.  Breathing through the contractions and holding Brandon’s hand seemed to work best for relaxation.  Brandon would also talk me through the contractions which helped me to focus and keep them under control.  Once things started getting more intense Brandon also recited some scriptures to me to help me relax and focus on the Lord instead of the pain.

Contractions continued to get more intense, but I don’t feel like they ever got much closer together. It took me about 20 hours to get to a full dilated 10 centimeters.  I walked a little bit, took a bath in the Jacuzzi tub and sat on a birth ball to help things progress.

Friday, April 21, 2017, The Pushing Stage

Finally, I started to feel the urge to push.  I asked the nurse to let me try the squatting bar, and I tried pushing like that for about an hour.  Things progressed a little bit, but baby hadn’t moved down the birth canal much.  The doctor came in to check me and said I might be having some back labor, so he told me to lay with my head down and my bottom up in the air.  This position was very uncomfortable, and I kept begging them to let me get back up.  After what seemed like forever, I thought I felt my water break, but it turns out that baby just moved and pushed against my bladder. So, the doctor asked if I would like them to break my water to help things progress, I said yes. After my water broke, I continued to push for another two hours.  Baby moved a little bit but was still not crowning.  The doctor asked if I wanted him to try to assist.  I agreed and the doctor placed a little suction cup on baby’s head and the doctor tried to help pull when I pushed. After a couple tries, the doctor finally told me the news I didn’t want to hear, baby isn’t coming, I think we are going to have to take him by C-section.

Unplanned C-Section

My heart sunk as I looked at Brandon and told him I really didn’t want one, but I was so tired and in so much pain. I appreciate my doctor so much because I know that he truly wanted to give me the opportunity to do it naturally.  Even after I agreed that a C-section probably was the best choice, he let me continue to try to push and even tried to assist me.

The time leading up to the C-section was the worst part of the whole labor. First, they said that they forgot to take blood, so they had to take blood, and we had to wait for the lab to get the results back. Then they wanted me to sign a bunch of paperwork all while I was having pushing contractions.  They finally came in and wheeled me into the surgery room to get the anesthesia.  They told me that Brandon would have to wait outside while they did this.  It seemed like forever before the doctor could get the anesthesia in the right place.  I had to sit on a flat table and was told to hold completely still.  I was still having contractions, and I could feel baby in the birth canal.  I felt bad for the poor nurse that held me as I clung to her to keep from moving when a contraction came.

Finally, the anesthesia started to work, and I was numb from the waist down and I was able to lay flat.  I felt nervous, but such great relief to be free of all the pain. after a few minutes, Brandon was back in the room dressed in scrubs and by my side again.  I didn’t feel any pain, but I could feel tugging and pressure. It only took a few moments, and I heard our baby cry.  They pulled down the curtain, so I could see our perfect baby boy with lots of dark hair and a super chubby body.  I started crying and looked at Brandon to see him crying as well.


Samuel David Bellows

Samuel David Bellows was born at 4 am April 21, 2017.  He was 9lbs, 3oz and 22 inches long.  He was perfect.  They took him over to a table, so Brandon could cut his cord.  They took him away only for a few moments, but Brandon was with him the whole time.  Then they brought him over to me, so Brandon and I could hold him and just look at him. It was the most amazing thing to see this tiny creature for the first time after carrying him for 9 months. It didn’t seem real.  It was true that all the pain was worth it and yes, I would do it again (but hopefully not for a couple years LOL).

After they finished stitching me up, I was rolled into a recovery room and was able to nurse Samuel for the first time. He did great, he latched on without any trouble. He has been good at eating ever since.  He likes to eat as much as possible.

Recovery and Healing

Recovery from the C-section was hard.  I had good pain medications, so it wasn’t bad the first day. I was not allowed to leave my bed the first day and adjusting in bed was painful because it would pull on the staples.  Thankfully I could hold and feed Samuel, but Brandon was left with diaper changes and rocking him if he got upset.

I feel very fortunate because healing has come very fast for me.  It is only two weeks since the C-section and birth and I don’t even need any pain medications and my stomach has gone down to almost it’s former size.  The hardest part of the recovery for me has been an emotional one.  The first few days after birth, I was having a lot of thoughts of regret that I should have done more to be able to push Samuel out naturally. I felt like a failure.  Thankfully, I have an awesome Husband and best friend who reassured me that I did nothing wrong, and I shouldn’t feel like I had failed. They also prayed, and I prayed and the Lord was faithful to help me through it.  Samuel and I were both healthy and that is all that matters.

Photo Apr 21, 10 16 03 AM

Adjusting to motherhood has been hard and I have cried a lot, but I really love being a mother. I know that it is an amazing calling from God to have the chance to raise this little person. So, even though my birth did not go exactly as I planned, it went the way God knew it would, and I am happy to have had the opportunity to carry a child in my womb and give birth to a healthy baby boy.  Motherhood is a gift, and I look forward to all the things God will teach me through it and all the joy that it will bring.


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Mr. On Main: Edition 1, Biblical Parenting

Hi everyone,

This is Mr. On Main. I have decided to hack Mrs. On Main’s account and post a blog of my own. I’m just kidding, I asked for her permission to publish this post. First, I want to thank you, the readers, for the support you have shown Mrs. On Main and the comments that you have posted on her blogs. I’m sure that she appreciates them very much. I’m sure most if not all of you who are reading this are aware that soon there will be a new addition to the Main Street family. The topic that I’m writing about today has been one that has been on my heart for oh I’d say 9 months and that topic is parenting.

Going through the Bible has revealed to me a lot about parenting the way that God intended parenting to be. Since God created parenting, I have a confident feeling God knows what He is talking about when parenting is brought in the Bible.

My first thought is, once I become a father to Samuel and he grows to start considering career choices, I do not want to be the parent that tells him you can be whatever you want to be. I have not found any Scripture that shows this. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it is important to support and encourage our children in the career path that they desire; however, I ultimately believe it needs to be done in a different approach. The Bible consistently talks about walking in God’s direction and will. Proverbs tell us to not lean on our understanding, rather we are told to trust in God. Jesus, shortly before being crucified prayed to God that God’s will be done not his will (Matthew 26). When Samuel comes to a point of choosing a career, I want to be there not to tell him that he can be anything he wants, rather I want to ask him, have you prayed about this direction and will this direction hinder you from following God’s will which is being obedient to His commandments, not submitting to sin, repenting when you do sin and seeking growth, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My second thought is on discipline. I have worked in retail for nearly 7 years now. The discipline that I have seen is quite frankly barbaric and unnecessary. I have seen parents yell and spank their kids for asking for a candy bar. I have seen parents scream at their kids because they are talking while the parent is checking out. This to me is wrong. Discipline, according to the Bible should be done in a manner that leads to godliness and becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. In Ephesians, Paul instructs fathers to bring up their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. This means that as a parent I should be training Samuel to follow the commandments of God and not the commandments of men. Unfortunately, this is where society has gone oh so wrong. We discipline our children to the norms that we create and not the norms of our Creator, the Alpha and Omega, the Judge of the Universe, Jesus Christ.

Parenting, when done biblically presents a challenge. However, I believe when parenting is done right, according to the Bible, will instill a much greater joy in our children. They will be able to see that there is a God who loves them. They will see that while they are born children of wrath, Jesus Christ died for all the sins that they commit shortly after their cognitive processes begin to work in full throttle. They will see and understand that Jesus died for them not to be slaves to sin but to righteousness. They will see that the way we discipline them is train them in the pursuit of righteousness that leads to a beautiful crown of righteousness and being able to spend an eternity with the one who gave himself up for all. What a joy it will be as Christian parents when we see our children walking in the light and knowing we will get to spend eternity with them rather than the 50-70 years on earth.


Behind the Bump, Edition 6: The Man Behind the Bump

IMG_0062 (3)

I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and I have come to realize that I would not be able to do this without my husband Brandon.

I’m am so thankful for Brandon.  He has picked up so much since I became pregnant.  From cooking, when I didn’t feel well or I completely forgot to put things in the crock pot to doing many other household chores for me (including the dishes, which he hates to do).

I can see why God created marriage and meant for a wife to have a husband while pregnant.  Sure I could push through and do it all myself, but having special help and support that only my husband can give makes pregnancy so much better.

Brandon has truly shown me Christ’s love in the past 8 months.  He has been so loving and made me feel so beautiful (stretch marks and all).  He has made special date nights and shown me extra affection on the days when I just cried because I didn’t feel well (physically or emotionally).  He has made me laugh even when I wanted to cry. He has encouraged me to turn to Christ on the good and hard days as he leads me spiritually.

I have come to realize what true love looks like.  It is not in gifts (sometimes it can be) but in the way he treats me and how he loves me enough to tell me when I need to correct an action and turn to Christ. It is in the help with tasks around the house.  And it is in the hugs from behind and the kisses before bed. Sometimes it is even in him picking something up off the floor for me (a task that continues to get harder).

As I approach the birth of our child, I don’t think I can put into words what it is like to have a husband that supports me through this amazing and scary thing known as pregnancy.  I am excited but a bit anxious as Samuel’s due date approaches, but I know that Brandon will be there with me and with his and God’s help I know I can do this.

I am so happy to know that Samuel will have a Father that loves him so much and will do whatever it takes to lead him toward Christ and provide for him. Because Brandon and my greatest prayer is that Samuel will one day repent and turn to Christ.

So, I would just like to say Thank you Brandon for all you have done and said to make this pregnancy easier.  Also, thank you for all the times you have made me laugh (even if it is at me and my changing body) I love you so much!

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